Field Applications
| Chemichal, Petrolchemichal & Off-Shore.
| Naval & Shipyard.
| Iron & Steel.
| Power energy.
| Food & Pharmaceutical.
| Mechanichal & Plastic.
| Trasportation, Lifting
& Handling Earth moving.
| Building & Maintenance.
| Agriculture & Forestry.
Fema is a dealer of power transmission components and measuring instruments for the industrial and the mobile field in the Italian and European markets.
In exclusive distributes for leader companies of the sector with important references in various application fields worldwide.
The products range of the power transmission includes gear couplings, gear spindles, hydraulic orbital motors and axial piston motors, planetary reduction gears; in the measuring instrument field we have bourdon pressure gauges, differential pressure gauges, chemichal seals, flowmeters, temperature gauges, thermowells, valves and manifolds.
We have a big stock warehouse of the reselled products to guarantee a fast delivery time, a pressure calibrator used to certificates the pressure measuring instruments. Our technichal / commercial office offer besides the sale also to furnish assistance in step of choice and selection of the products, of assistance during the installation and assistance for the maintenance.
In the 2005 has joined the prestigious association EPTDA that gathers the most important company of the sector in the European market.

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